Understandable and Relatable Game for Everyone to Play

Understandable and Relatable Game for Everyone to Play is a 2 player card game that uses only the cards from 4 to 10. You can count the pips along one side of the card if you forget if it's a Little (with 2 pips), a Middle (with 3 pips) or a Biggle (with 4 pips).

Card Ranks:
We have different names for the cards...
The cards 4's & 5's are called Littles.
The cards 6's, 7's & 8's are called Middles.
The cards 9's & 10's are called Biggles.

The winner of a comparison takes and stores both cards for scoring.
Ties are resolved by trading the card with the opponent for scoring.
Biggles beat Middles
Middles beat Littles
Littles beat Biggles

To Play:
Cards are dealt three at a time, then chosen and compared one at a time, then stored for later scoring.
The player with the highest stored score wins the game.
  • Deal 3 cards at a time to each player.
  • Each player picks 1 card from their hand and then the players compare those cards simultaneously.
  • Deal only when players are out of cards.
  • Store the cards based on the results of the comparison.
  • Score the stored cards after 3 deals are done.
  • Scoring uses the actual number of the card. ie: The 7 of clubs = 7 points.