In Development

New games are always popping up!

Around here we have bunches of games in the prototype phase of development. And even more ideas scrawled in notebooks waiting for production.

We're always testing out new games. Play-testers get a chance at a sneak peek of what we're working on way before anyone else. If this sounds like your cuppa tea then you should send Matt a message.

  •    Ahoy Hoy!
A two player card game designed to be played remotely. The first of its kind at the time. It uses funky maths for scoring.

  •    Bugger Off
A two player board game of garden domination. Two rival ant colonies have declared all-out-war and have rallied the other insects to fight for glory.

  •    Fox Around & Find Out
A card game designed with 3 or more players in mind. A party game by design, this fun and frantic game lets the deck decide when the game ends, so strategy is a bit of a pitfall.

  •    Hispolo
A multiplayer dice game of deception and probability. Using the information available, and the information you're hiding, decide if it's going to be High, Spot On, or Low.

  •    Hounds and Hares
A card game for the whole family, any number of players join in to try to control the hounds during a fox hunt. The player who does this best wins the round and avoids penalties.

  •    Just Roll With It
This game uses the way an 8-sided die moves as you push the top vertices down. Using a hexagonal grid, the die will point and tip down in 3 of 6 directions, revealing a new die face and occupying the new space. Create 3 triangles on the grid to win. Die faces have different powers before, during, or after a move.

  •    L.O.S.T.
Labyrinth of Samuel Trouver is one in a series of games involving the World Exploration Troupe. This band of adventurers has stumbled upon an odd mansion with odd, moving, gravity-defying features. Be the first out with your treasures intact to win.

  •    Rift Valley
Two teams of players compete to stake proper claim to the territories of Rift Valley. In the uncharted frontiers, whoever finds gold can keep it. Whoever keeps the gold gets to spend that gold, to make more gold! Whoever makes enough to buy the land wins the game.

  •    Towers In Hyper Space
Two players face off head-to-head in this strategy card game. Using powers to defend and attack towers, players find themselves on the business end of Fireblasticorns, Sunglasstronaut, and Jerry the Donut Blasting Alien.

These are the titles we're tinkering with:


Ahoy Hoy!

Bugger Off

Fox Around & Find Out


Hounds and Hares

Just Roll With It


Rift Valley

Towers In Hyper Space