Two or more players race to empty their hands by playing poker-based combos. Players are dealt seven cards each, draw from the same deck, and discard to the same pile. Decide who goes first your own special way.

After the players look at their hands they each must decide if they can go out in 2 turns or less, this is a crucial step to the game and cannot be skipped.

The Tricky Part
Normally, if you empty your hand of cards the game ends and you win. This is the goal.

However, if you want to win on one of your first two turns then you must declare your intention before the first turn starts.

Before the first turn begins, each player answers the question: “Can you go out in 2 turns or less?”. 
Once you have evaluated your hand, saying something akin to “No” signals that you don’t have intentions of going out before your third turn. Saying something akin to “I can go out in 2” or "Yes" let’s you go out on your first or second turn and win. The phrasing used to answer the question doesn’t have to be precise, just clearly establishing your intention.
   If you did not declare your intent to go out in 2 turns and your hand is empty before your second turn is over, then the game ends and you lose.  
   If you did declare that you can go out in 2, but wind up not going out by the end of your second turn, then the game ends and you lose.

The Easy Rules
On your turn you must do at least one of the following, however you can do both in any order:
   Play cards from your hand to the discard pile
   Draw a card from the draw pile

Once a card is played it’s dead, you can’t play off a combo or pick up a card in the discard pile.

Once the deck is depleted continue playing until you need to draw a card, at that time shuffle the discarded cards to continue playing.

Wild Cards
The wild cards are Kings, 2’s, Jokers, and One-Eyed Jacks (spades and hearts). A wild card can take the place of any card in a combo. Multiple wild cards can be played in a combo.

Instead of playing a combo on your turn you can disrupt your opponent's hand by playing a single wild card to take one random card from an opponent’s hand and add it to yours or discard it.

Legal Starting Combos
   Two Pair
   Full House
   Run of 5
   Flush of 5

Expandable Combos
   Many pair (three pair, four pair, or more)
   Run of at least 5
   Flush of at least 5
   Fuller house, proportionally still (x) & (x-1)

It's Getting Wild Over Here
A Royal Flush is just a fancy flush.
A 5 of a kind is really a full house.
A 6 of a kind is actually a three pair.
A 7 of a kind is in fact a fuller house with 4 & 3.

The run “Queen, King, Ace, 2, 3” is legal. To be clear, any run that includes the section “… King, Ace, 2 …” is legal so long as it has at least 5 cards in it. The run uses two wild cards by necessity so why shouldn't it be legal?