Players compete to collect the highest ranking hand before someone is all set to end the round. You just need a standard deck of cards including 2 Jokers, for 54 cards in total.
"A single pair of triples" wins the game!

    •    1st:     Two 3-of-a-kind    
    •    2nd:     Three 2-of-a-kind    
    •    3rd:     One of each 3-of-a-kind and 2-of-a-kind
    •    4th:     One 3-of-a-kind
    •    5th:     Two 2-of-a-kind
    •    6th:     One 2-of-a-kind
    •    7th:     One 1-of-a-kind

Ranked highest to lowest: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

Setting up the game:
    •    Play starts by shuffling the deck and dealing 6 cards to each player.
    •    The rest of the cards are set aside as the Draw Pile.
    •    The dealer is the person who hasn't had a drink/substance for the longest time.
    •    The first player is the person to the dealer's left.
    •    Players share a Draw Pile that they can all draw from.
    •    Each player has a Discard Pile in front of them.
    •    A player can draw from or play to any Discard pile.

On your turn:
1- Draw the top card card from either the communal Draw Pile, or one of the Discard Piles in front of a player.
2- Play one card from your hand on to any Discard Pile of your choice.

To win:
1- Play your card upside down to indicate to your opponents that you are All Set.
2- Once you are All Set, your opponents each have one turn to finalize their hand.
3- On your next turn all of the players reveal their hands and compare the results.

FAQ & clarifying rules:
    •    A 4-of-a-kind is actually a combination of two 2-of-a-kind - this is definitely NotPoker
    •    The highest rank of the highest combination-of-a-kind is compared when deciding between ties.
         ◦    eg: [KKK 222] beats [QQQ 999], similarly [KKK 22 3] beats [QQQ AA K]
    •    If a player has played a card upside down to show they are All Set, their opponents can draw that card, but they are drawing it "blind" as if it were from the Draw Pile.
    •    Once cards in a Discard Pile are covered, you can no longer draw them unless they become uncovered.
    •    Once the Draw Pile is depleted, gather and shuffle all the cards on the table except for the top card of each Discard Pile, flip them face down and continue play with a refreshed Draw Pile.
    •    A player can play a card face down at any time to indicate they're All Set, no condition needs to be met.
    •    The winner doesn't need to have "Two 3-of-a-kind", just the highest valued hand in the comparison.
    •    Jokers are wild and count as any one card.
    •    Two players can be All Set at the same time. Once it is the player's turn who was All Set first all the players reveal and compare their hands.