Two teams of two compete to be the first to get 13 points by winning rounds using Euchre's leftover cards without concern for suit. NotEuchre uses the Jokers, 2's, 3's, 4's, 6's, 7's, and 8's. The rest of the cards can be set aside and used for Euchre.

Be the first team to 13 points. Earn points by winning a round. Win rounds by playing the highest pip value. Pip value is determined by the cards, see below for more.

Somewhat Basically:
On each turn deal 5 cards to each player. Hands are kept secret, teams cannot share information. The remaining 2 cards are left face down. Players sit across from their teammate so that the turn progresses through alternating teams. 

The first player may play any card(s) of their choice. The next player must play a card or combination of cards that total to a higher current pip count. If they cannot they must pass.

The round continues until both players on a team pass or cannot play. The winning team gets a point and decides which player leads. The next turn then begins (shuffle after picking).

The first team to 13 points wins. Use the 6’s as a score card to keep track of points.

Function of the Cards:
  6’s = score keeping cards, not in play
  2,4,8’s = adds 2, 4, or 8 respectively to the current pip count
  Jokers = valued at current pip count, adds that value to the current pip count
  3’s = ignore pips and each opponent discards 1 card
          or ignore pips and shuffle then distribute 2 cards
  7’s = add 7 to the current pip count
          or ignore pips and shuffle then distribute 2 cards

Clarifying Some Points:
- If a player cannot play because the cards they have are not valid plays they must pass. A player can choose to pass at any time, but once that player has passed for any reason they cannot play again until the next turn has begun.
- If a player cannot play because they have no cards in hand and it is the beginning of a turn then everybody surrenders any cards they're holding and a new hand of five is dealt to everybody.
- If a player’s hand is depleted during a turn then that player is no longer able to play and for the remainder of the turn they must pass. The beginning of the next turn triggers a shuffle and deal as described above.
- The current pip count is set at the beginning of a player's go and remains static until the end of that player's go when the pip count they played becomes the current pip count. 

3’s and 7’s Explained:
- 3's can only be played as single cards. They ignore the current pip count and do not effect it when played.
- 7's ignore the current pip count and do not effect it when played to distribute cards.
- 7's can be played as multiples only when adding to the current pip count.
- shuffle the face down cards as well as any face up discarded cards (including the 3 or 7).
- Keep note of the current pip count, it doesn’t change.
- After distribution it is still your turn.
- The distributed cards are dealt from the shuffled pile face down to the player(s) of your choice.
- The discarded cards are selected by the opponents discarding them, not at random, and are discarded face up.
- You can distribute cards and then pass if you choose to or if you drew no appropriate cards to beat the current pip count.

Jokers Explained:
- Jokers have no set value because they enter play with their value equal to the current pip value.
- If you play both Jokers you have doubled the current pip count.
- ie: if the current pip count is 6 and you play an 8 and both Jokers then the current pip count would become 20, regardless of order the 8 and Jokers were played.