Keepin' It Threesy

A simple colour swapping card game for two players, but winning is not guaranteed.
Keepin' It Threesy does not use the Aces or Jokers, set them aside.
Determine your colour (red/black) by wardrobe.
Determine who goes first by the colour of a randomly selected card.

Goal: Get the top card on all three piles to match your colour.

The Cards:
Keepin' It Threesy looks at cards
Div3 Cards need a Face or three Extras to go on top are the cards 3's, 6's & 9's.
Face Cards need a Div3 or three Extras to go on top are the Kings, Queens & Jacks
Extra Cards will let anything go on top of them are the cards 2's, 4's, 5's, 7's, 8's & 10's

When you play a card to the pile:

You can either put down any one Card or three Extra Cards as your play for your turn.
  • Playing your colour adds a new top card to the pile.
  • Playing their colour removes the top card (and the card(s) played) from the pile. 
* Note: When playing three Extras they don’t all have to be the same colour, the top Extra decides the effect when played.

To Play:
  • To start their turn a player draws to a total of three cards in hand.
  • They can then play their card(s) to one of the three piles.
  • At the end of a player’s turn they can discard any number of cards to the discard pile.

The draw pile is not replenished if it is depleted. Play continues until no player is able to make a play. This may result in a player having fewer than three cards in hand to start their turn. A player with zero cards simply passes their turn to their opponent. To keep it fun, if a player passes for 3 turns in a row they forfeit the game.

For an extra layer of intrigue players can agree to discard cards face down instead. This adds to the mystery of what's available at the end of the game.