Goal: Get to exactly 28 points by playing combos of cards.
Any number of players can enjoy 28. You'll just need a standard deck of cards including 2 Jokers, for 54 cards in total.

Deal 5 cards to each player to start.
If the draw pile becomes depleted, then shuffle the discard pile to keep going.

On your turn: Draw once & Play once.
There are three ways to "Play", you can only choose one each turn.
   You can draw a second card.
   You can discard a combo of Target Cards to score points.
   You can use a Power Card on the discard pile for an effect.

Types of Cards: Target Cards & Power Cards.
Target Cards You play these to the discard pile in combos for points
The 9's & 10's  are each counted as Rank 4.
The 7's & 8's  are each counted as Rank 3.
The 4's, 5's & 6's  are each counted as Rank 2.
The 2's & 3's  are each counted as Rank 1.
Power Cards You play these to the discard pile for effects, not points.
Kings allow you to  draw 3 more cards.
Queens allow you to  have 2 more Plays.
Jacks allow you to  steal a card from your opponent's hand.
Aces allow you to  add any card from the discard pile to your hand.
Jokers allow you to  play them as any Rank, except without a suit.

Scoring points: When you play a combo you score points based on the number of suits in the combo you play, as shown below. For example, a Run of 4 cards that has only one suit in it scores the maximum 17 points.
Combo 1 suit 2 suits 3 suits 4 suits
Run of all 4 Ranks 17 13 12 9
Run of Ranks 1, 2, & 3 4 7 10 -
Run of Ranks 4, 3, & 2 3 6 8 -
Ranked Pair 0 1 - -
Ranked Triple 1 2 4 -
Ranked Quad 2 5 9 12
Ranked Two-Pair 1 3 6 8

* If a player scores more than 28, the excess points are subtracted from 28 and that becomes the player's new score. Ie: If a player is at 24 and scores 10 points, then there are 6 excess points. Therefore the player's score is calculated as 28 - 6 = 22.